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Will I pay or receive child support?

Child support is based on a formula that considers each parent’s gross income, child care expenses and health insurance costs. The parent who has the children the majority of the time generally receives child support. If the parents share equal time, the parent who makes more generally pays child support.

Do we have to exchange child support?

No. Parents can agree to provide support to their children in direct ways rather than pay support from one to the other. This would include such things as both parents paying for clothes, school fees, and activities.

How is child support paid?

Child support is taken directly from the parent’s employment pay check, placed into an account with the state of Ohio, and then paid out to the receiving parent. If a parent is not employed, they must establish a bank account from which support is withdrawn by the state.

What if a parent is not paying support?

When a parent does not pay a support order, the other parent can file a motion for contempt. If the parent is found in contempt, he or she will be ordered to pay some of the attorney fees incurred in filing the motion. If the arrearage of support is substantial, the parent not receiving support can ask the Child Support Enforcement Agency to pursue contempt, for which they do not charge.

How does child support change after divorce?

Child support can be reviewed upon a change of circumstances. This could include an increase or decrease in one parent’s income or the cost of child care, or emancipation of a child. This review can be accomplished by the parties voluntarily exchanging information or by filing a motion with the court. In addition, the Child Support Enforcement Agency will review support for free once every 3 years or upon the loss of employment, if a parent requests a review.

For an extensive discussion on child support, see the Child Support Report.

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