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Spousal Support

Will I pay or receive spousal support?

Unlike child support, there is no formula for spousal support. Rather, there are number of factors the court must consider. Major ones are the length of the parties’ marriage, difference in incomes, the need for training or education to obtain gainful employment, such as when a spouse has stayed home with children. The length of time for support can be a few months to lifetime, depending upon the facts of the marriage. Both men and women can pay spousal support.

If my spouse was unfaithful to the marriage, will I receive spousal support?

No. The only fault the court considers is economic fault. If your spouse spent significant marital money on the other person, that you can prove, that money will be added back into the marital pot for division.

Is spousal support reviewable after divorce?

Generally, yes. While it used to be common for support to be for a set amount and time, that is no longer true. Given that people change jobs many times during their lives now, support is generally reviewable, at least as to amount. The parties can voluntarily exchange information to determine if support should change or one party can file a motion with the court for review. For review to be permitted, however, the divorce decree must allow it.

For an extensive discussion of spousal support, see the Spousal Support Report.

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